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DSM GeoData is a company with a long history. It was formed in August 2002 when DSM Soft (P) Ltd of India and Survey & Development Services Ltd (SDS) of Scotland came together to create a new company specialising in Geospatial Engineering.

SDS was established in 1964 as Scotland's first surveying and mapping company. SDS expanded its scope and scale of operations to become one of the UK's foremost companies in its field working internationally for major clients such as national and local government, public utilities, international project management consultants, consulting engineers, architects, construction contractors and others.

DSM Soft (P) Ltd was set up in June 1991 to offer CAD conversion services. Starting with just 3 people the company has expanded its services to include CAD / GIS Data capture and conversion, digital photogrammetry, software development and 3D engineering modelling, e-publishing and BPO; and has a sizable workforce deployed across a number of sites.

Working together since 1996; in August 2002 DSM GeoData Ltd was created when DSM purchased the mapping business of SDS. The DSM group has since evolved into a major provider of geospatial services to organisations from around the world. The group companies operate as a single functional unit, whose experience and skilled process based approach, can ensure the provision of a value added geospatial service to all types of organisations.

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