Image Processing Services

DSM provides a range of image processing services including change detection, ortho-rectification, mosaicing, colour balancing, geo-referencing / geo-rectification of all types of high resolution imagery (aerial and satellite). DSM also specializes in analog and historical imagery processing.

The range of services include:

  • Orthophoto creation
  • Image enhancement
  • Remote sensing / Change detection
  • Geo-referencing / Geo-rectification
  • Clutter data collation
  • Land Use, Land Cover and Habitat Classification

DSM Soft has strong expertise in temporal analysis of satellite imagery for monitoring changes in landscape over time. With the aid of commercially available software, cloud computing and a core team of remote sensing experts DSM Soft is able to use automated and semi-automated classification of high resolution imagery to produce land use, land cover and habitat maps complying with EUNIS (European Union Nature Information System), CORINE (Coordination of Information on the Environment Land Cover, CLC) and ASDI (Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure) standards.

EUNIS Habitat Land Use and Land Cover Classification

CORINE Land Cover

EUNIS Riparian Land Use and Land Cover Classification

EUNIS Level 1 Land Use and Land Cover Classification

Peat Land Restoration

EUNIS Level 2 Land Use and Land Cover Classification

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