• Mapping Services
  • Geo Terrain Based Services
  • Image Processing Services
  • Utility Network Information System
  • GIS Software Development Services

Mapping Services

DSM undertakes high volume geospatial 2D/3D data conversion projects and has successfully executed mapping projects from disparate and wide ranging sources (satellite imagery, aerial photography, LiDAR or Legacy maps) to deliver in multiple GIS formats. DSM has a strong customer base in United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and North America.

The range of services offered include:

  • Land base mapping – small, medium and large scale
  • Cadastral mapping
  • Rail / road corridor mapping
  • Forestry / agriculture / hydro mapping
  • Engineering photogrammetry mapping
  • Terrestrial photogrammetry mapping
  • Positional accuracy improvement of map features
  • GIS data conflation

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